Physiotherapy Services provided

  • Assist with pain relief, injuries and rehabilitation
  • Manual therapies
  • Onsite rehabilitation
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Group classes


  • Private clients
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Work Cover
  • Transport Accident Commission
  • Enhanced Primary Care Plans

Professional physiotherapy services

in Shepparton and Numurkah

At Goulburn Valley Physiotherapy centre, we use hands-on techniques and self-management strategies along with a fully equipped gym to get you moving again. We provide:


Our onsite rehabilitation services are tailored to suit individual needs providing support with elective surgery recovery, trauma recovery, workplace or road accident rehabilitation or rehabilitation of sporting or lifestyle injuries. We work with DVA, NDIS, WorkCover and Transport Accident Commission agencies regularly to provide rehabilitation services for eligible persons.

Our physiotherapists are dedicated to following best practice and clinical frameworks that support and empower active recovery. Our onsite equipment and rehabilitation gym provide the opportunity for supervised, graded rehabilitation programs and our affiliation with AquaMoves Shepparton allows our clients to continue their rehabilitation journey in a community based facility.

Safety and care for long term conditions

Our clinic is trained and certified in GLA:D program administration and carry years of experience in assisting clients manage chronic conditions particularly those affecting the joints, muscles, neurological system, vestibular system and cardiorespiratory system.

Commonly treated chronic conditions include but are not limited to:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis/Osteopenia
  • Chronic muscle tears and chronic tendinopathy
  • Chronic joint instability/ligament instability
  • Neurologically induced tone impairments

Sports & Spinal

We can help you recover from a variety or injuries, conditions & disorders including acute sports injuries, musculoskeletal pain & and injuries as well as chronic pain affecting the spine.

Extended care

Our treatment techniques are based on proven scientific research, clinical experience, and continuing education. Call Goulburn Valley Physiotherapy Centre today to make an appointment . We can help you, no matter what your goal is.

Increasing mobility

With expertise in providing pain relief through manual therapies together with specific regimes to improve function of the body, our team strive for continued quality of living and participation in activities of daily living at home, ability to remain involved in community and continue to enjoy recreation and leisure activities.

Our team are skilled in appropriate prescription of supports, braces, orthosis, walking aids and are able to refer on to specialised services locally where needed to ensure that safety and quality of movement are maintained.

Prevention of injury

With the latest technologies and assessment equipment our team of physiotherapists are passionate about the role of targeted strength and conditioning and its role in facilitating individuals to achieve their health, recreation and lifestyle goals.

Our clinic is currently equipped with AXIT force plate technology that allows accurate testing of function and comparison with normative data to ensure that our clients are moving efficiently and identifying any potential deficits which may increase risk of injury in sport, recreation, work or day to day living.


Our new state of the art assessment system allows us to measure your strength and power in almost any part of your body as well as functional movements including squats, lunges, dead lifts, hops, jumping, push ups and many more. Data from the AxlT assessment allows our physiotherapists and clients to view important information and feedback about imbalances in key areas which improve the specificity of your rehabilitation program to ensure it is targeted and progressive ensuring that you get back to your best.

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